Who we are

Who We Are

Established in 2011, the Uganda Contracts Monitoring Coalition (UCMC) is a non partisan multi-stakeholders’ initiative established to promote contract performance through promoting transparency, participatory approaches and accountability in the planning, bidding, awarding, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Contracts. UCMC is a voluntary, charitable and not for profit loose network.  It is a part of an Africa-wide movement to promote transparency and accountability in the development and implementation of public contracts.

UCMC is a loose network of civil society organizations, public and private sector actors, the media and other stakeholders that aspire to promote contract performance and value for money for the people of Uganda. The coalition is organized around seven clusters that represent thematic area priorities i.e. Education, Health, Works and Transport, Water and Environment, Agriculture, Energy and Extractives and ICT. The coalition is currently supported by the World Bank Institute (WBI).


Membership to UCMC is initiated by submitting an application to subscribe to the Coalition’s mission, objectives and values, and seconded by atleast one existing member of UCMC. Applications undergo a background check based on registration status, the existence of the organisation/institution, physical address, governance structures, systems and objects that are consistent with the the purpose of UCMC. The steering committee assesses and determines membership applications and grants a Membership Certificate upon approval.

Below is a list of the current members;

  1. Action Coalition on Climate Change (ACCC)
  2. Africa Freedom of Information Centre (AFIC)
  3. Civic Response on Environment & Development(CRED)
  4. Lake Albert Biodiversity Conservation Alert(LABCA)
  5. Mbarara Development Agency(MDA)
  6. Pro-Biodiversity Conservationists In Uganda (PROBICOU)
  7. Uganda National Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors (UNABCEC)
  8. Water Governance Institute (WGI)
  9. South Western Institute for Policy and Advocacy(SOWIPA)
  10. South Western Institute on Environment and Development(SWIED)
  11. Transparency International Uganda Chapter
  12. Uganda Environment Society(UES)
  13. Youth Concern on Environment and Development
  14. Community Development Concerns(CDC)
  15. Kick Corruption out of Kigezi(KICK)
  16. Uganda Industrial Research Institute(UIRI)
  17. Human Rights Network Uganda( HURINET-U)


UCMC’s vision is to conform a robust network of organizations working in a coordinated manner to promote disclosure and citizen participation in public contracting.


Our mission is a transparent and accountability public procurement system transforming the quality of life of the majority Ugandans

Scope of Operations

The UCMC implements multi-stakeholder action plans in six strategic sectors: education, health, water and environment, energy and extractives, works and transport, and agriculture. In line with the theory of change described in the previous section, they cover the following four sets of activities:

Contribute to achieving accountability

Within UCMC’s collaborative approach, a best practice is to engage government officials, the contractor, and community members in a committee to address the findings of the monitoring process. Each contract monitoring intervention has clear reporting or grievance handling mechanism vis-à-vis private or public sector actors.As a responsible counterpart, UCMC enters into transparent and binding partnerships with these two actors and shares well-documented reports to improve the performance of contracts. In this regard, The Coalition distances itself from other CSO for whom public shaming is the default option and make an irresponsible use of public information. UCMC is aware that, in order to be effective, these reporting mechanisms must lead to concrete actions that address the identified problems. For The Coalition closing the loop means that problems are resolved to the satisfaction of affected stakeholders.

Disclose public contracts

Interventions in this area conceive of information disclosure and access to information as a prerequisite for public accountability. For the time being, The Coalition has focused on strategically engaging key government agencies and stakeholders to reach ad hoc agreements to disclose information on a limited amount of contracts. These agreements – in the case of the health cluster it was enshrined in the form of an MOU –, have allowed the coalition to pre-test the citizen monitoring tools. However, in the next five years The Coalition sees itself making a key contribution towards contract transparency at the entire contracting chain: planning, tendering, contract execution, and closing. The UCMC is fully aware more consultation with key stakeholders is needed to ensure maximum levels of transparency while making sure that information is not disclosed in a way that can harm the competitive positions of the companies or divulge other confidential information.

Facilitate sustainable monitoring activities

This involves empowering citizens to use the information and monitor all stages of the contracting process from the awarding to the monitoring and evaluation of contract implementation through making information publicly accessible in user-friendly formats and through building the capacity of civil society to use the information.For each sector the UCMC creates a specific monitoring tool tailored for the target projects, including tools intended to monitor compliance with government programs. On top of the public contract monitoring activities, the agriculture cluster is applying a tool to monitor activities within NAADS, the health cluster is monitoring medicine stock outs, and the energy and extractives cluster is applying a tool to monitor resettlement and compensation processes in the extractive sector. Community monitors to monitor compliance with national laws and international standards are using the latter tool.
In order to guarantee the sustainability of these interventions, The Coalition carefully selects and trains the monitors on open contracting principles and how to employ the monitoring tools. Within a train-the-trainer methodology, these trainees will then become trainers themselves, thereby guaranteeing the sustainability of the intervention. Once the The Coalition has finished its intervention, the vibrant network of monitors continues to carry out monitoring work and engaging local authorities to promote better service delivery at the district level.

Institutionalize open contracting

UCMC is advocating for reforms that will guarantee access to contract information and third party monitoring, as well as mainstreaming the open contracting agenda across government agencies and oversight bodies. The Coalition is mobilizing a core group of Members of Parliament who can be champions in these reform areas. Advocacy will also aim at operationalizing article 43 of the Access to Information Law, which requires sector Ministers to report to Parliament on how information requests to respective Ministries, Departments and Agencies under them are dealt with. This initiative is expected to motivate Parliament to enforce this provision, which will in turn strengthen access and usage of contract information by civil society and citizen groups.

Finally, There are at least three categories of beneficiaries from these sets of interventions. The primary beneficiaries are the ordinary men, women, youth and children who would benefit from improvements in the delivery of public services in the target sectors. The secondary beneficiaries are partner Government of Uganda agencies that are responsible for ensuring the effective delivery of public services to the citizens and taxpayers. The tertiary beneficiaries are the development partners who provide financial and other forms of support to Government of Uganda towards the implementation of service delivery programmes and projects.

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