The Uganda Contracts Monitoring Coalition (UCMC), formed in 2011, brings together civil society organisations sharing a common interest of ensuring transparency, accoutability and value for money in public contracts with the view of improving service delivery. The coalition is made up of six clusters, namely education, health, agriculture, extractives, water and environment and, works and transport.

These draw different expertise and specialisations through which members can join and make valuable contributions. The coalition is comprised of 10 steering committee members who review, vet the applications and approve new members.

Elegibility for membership

To become a member of UCMC, the organisation/ institution should be operational with a valid legal status. Such organisations and institutions include Non Governmental Orgnisations (NGOs) and Community Bassed Organisations (CBOs) with the mandate to monitor public service delivery and/or advocating for public accountability and transparency.

Requirements for new membership

  • Brief account of the purposes and aims of the applicant
  • Provide a copy of certificate of incorporation
  • Provide information on the physical address
  • Recommendation by at least one member of UCMC
  • Official names of representatives of the organisation to participate in UCMC activities