UCMC_A simplified citizens road monitoring tool for Uganda.pdf

Road construction is a highly technical venture that requires a lot of resources. The government of Uganda has identified the transport sector as one of the most critical sectors which needs special attention in terms of resource allocation because it can spur economic development in other sectors through a spiral effect.
As a result of a deliberate policy to prioritize the sector government is undertaking several road projects ranging from major to medium and small reconstruction, development and maintenance. All these projects require attention and involvement of citizens to ascertain and ensure value for money in the entire process of contract execution and management.
The tool is meant to be used by persons who may not necessarily possess technical expertise in road engineering and civil works. It is intended to guide the user in seeking answers to simple basic questions. The tool is therefore purposely developed to help the monitor get conversant with common terms of road construction so as to ask the right questions to the right persons in charge of the project. The technical aspects of the civil works and engineering procedures have deliberately been left out so as to make it as user friendly as possible.